5 Reason to Drink Smoothies (Other Than "They're Healthy"!)

5 Reason to Drink Smoothies (Other Than
A smoothie is so much more than raw eggs and celery. These days every café across the country has a selection of smoothies on offer, and with so many different recipes out there, the world is your blender. Incorporating smoothies into your diet is something that everyone should do, and not just because they’re healthy.

1. Smoothies can be made with pretty much anything.

Yes, that does include raw eggs and celery, but it also includes all the delicious things most of us keep stocked in our fridge and pantries. Whip up a classic banana smoothie for breakfast with oats, milk, chia seeds and a nut butter of your choice. Perhaps pop some berries in you’re feeling a bit fruity that morning – go wild. If you like your leafy greens, you can blend up a clean green smoothie for an immunity boost. The fitness world has embraced the smoothie; there are so many delicious protein powders to add to your drinks.

2. Smoothies are eco-conscious.

The fantastic thing about smoothies is you’re using the bulk of the produce – the flesh, the skin, even the leaves sometimes. This not only ensures you’re packing the most nutrition into your smoothies, but it also reduces waste. Since smoothies can be made with anything, you’ll always have something to do with leftover fruits and veggies. Just jump online and find a recipe to incorporate them into. You’d be surprised by the number of smoothie recipes that call for beetroot or tomatoes.

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3. Smoothies are so convenient, they’re portable.

It’s really easy to incorporate smoothies into your diet, especially when you’ve got a portable blender. When you can blend anytime, anywhere (but perhaps not on the morning train), you’ll be more inclined to stick to healthy eating habits. Smoothies fit into almost any diet, no matter what your eating schedule looks like. Portion control becomes easier when you’ve only got a limited space to make every ingredient count. Depending on what you’re putting into your smoothie, you will also be able to have those “cleanse” days everyone raves about. Or, just stick to what you enjoy. Your smoothie, your way.

4. Smoothies make drinking water easier.

 According to Waterlogic Australia, the average Australia is not drinking enough water. This can lead to chronic dehydration, and we already know how unpleasant that feels – headaches, body aches, dry skin, parched throat, lethargy. Integrating smoothies into your meals ensures you’re getting water into your diet through the fruits and veggies you’re putting into it, and even more if you’re supplementing with water. You can use tap water, coconut water, fruit juice, or add ice for something refreshing and hydrating. Drinking water becomes easier and more appealing when it’s hidden in your favourite smoothie.

5. Smoothies have something for everyone.

They don’t discriminate: smoothies love all fruits, veggies, nuts, liquids, protein powders, seeds and more. Whether you’re blending for breakfast, a snack or even dessert, finding a healthy and delicious smoothie recipe is easier than ever. Smoothies have become a go-to for many people; they’re not just limited to getting your tonsils out anymore – although smoothies are a great way to maintain a balanced diet after procedures like this.

Smoothies are so much more than just a healthy choice: they’re a convenient and sustainable choice. There’s a reason every café is adding smoothies to their menus, and now you can, too.